Marcus Roberts Trio at National Black Arts Festival

THURSDAY, September 18, 8:00PM
Center Stage

“Marcus Roberts is the genius of the modern piano, a true American original” – Wynton Marsalis

“Marcus Roberts draws few distinctions between the playful and the professorial…he balances erudition against reserves of charisma and wit…A wealth of serendipitous detail.” – The New York Times

“Marcus is like a movement. Years from now, people will look back on all the students and piano players that he influenced and it will become known as the School of Marcus Roberts…He is a genius.” – Wynton Marsalis

The Marcus Roberts Trio, founded in 1995, is known around the world for its virtuosic style – a style that is strongly rhythmic, melodic, and filled with dynamic contrast. This trio has an entirely new approach to jazz trio performance. Although the piano is typically the focus of most jazz trios, in the Marcus Roberts Trio, all musicians share equally in shaping the direction of the music through changing its tempo, mood, texture, or form, through a system of musical cues. As a result, each trio member’s enormous individual talent is showcased along with the powerfully rhythmic group sound. In his first story for CBS’ 60 Minutes, Wynton Marsalis profiles Marcus Roberts: The Virtuoso: Marcus Roberts

Photo of Marcus with Jason's cymbals in background